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Join us this Sunday, October 31 for:

Lesbian/Queer Sacred Sexuality 


Lesbian/Queer Sacred Sexuality 

Sunday, October 31, 12:00-2:00 pm PST


Sacred sexuality is a path of connecting to your deepest self, and to your sense of the holy, with the energy of your sexual desire and pleasure.


In this way, sexually loving yourself and/or a partner can be a way of honoring and loving the Divine, God, Goddess, or whatever you name as sacred. Your body can be a portal to the vast realms of Spirit beyond your physical skin.  


This class will help you explore the attitudes and understandings that can help you deepen your sense of the sacredness of sexuality, and practice some simple yet profound ways to bring this sense of reverence into your erotic life, alone or with others.  


In our Lesbian/Queer Sacred Sexuality class on October 31, you will:

  • Experience ways to bring more sense of the sacred to your seeing and touching of yourself and others.  
  • Explore the beliefs, messages and fears that may have blocked you from the depth of this experience, which is actually your birthright. 
  • Discover why and how lesbians and queer womxn are uniquely well-suited to sacred sexuality experiences, once you clear out whatever may have gotten in your way (and get help doing some of that clearing!) 
  • Learn some simple yet profound practices to help you awaken your hands, gaze and heart -- and to incorporate the rest of your body, including your genitals, in that process.
  • Understand the nature and possibilities of orgasmic experience in a whole new way. 

Although sacred sexuality practices are rarely focused on orgasm, they also open pathways to a dramatically expanded experience of orgasm. 


When you approach yourself or someone else with the energy of sacred sexuality, almost any part of the body can become orgasmic. As my friend, the queer poet Julie Weber, writes:


"The female body is such a vast and vivid territory, I have never met anything with even close to its capacity to arc, to shudder, to awe, to overturn the world with replenishment, to split the world into fractals and watch them reassemble again, to set loose the raw, aching primal, guttural power we lose so easily.


"I found an article online in which a sex educator identifies 12 kinds of orgasms. To me, orgasms fall on a long continuous gut string and are full of infinite possibilities, but I know what she is talking about, I know exactly what she is talking about in these. These are notes and octaves, notes to be played and bent and strung and restrung in our bodies. A drum, a dirge, a howl, an anthem, a song, a libation.


"I have experienced every one of these in my own body and/or the bodies of my lovers.  And more than half of these types of orgasms came after I was age 40, once I sank into a much deeper comfort level and familiarity with my body. Sometimes I empathically stumbled upon these, other times my lovers guided me there, or me to them. We didn’t have names for any of them, they were places in each other we stumbled upon like secret springs.


"A woman’s body is a map, a territory, a land mass full of inalienable secrets, minerals, stars, sweat, salt and sky..."


But sacred sexuality is not only about pleasure; it's also about love. In fact, it's about the profound intersection between pleasure and love, and how an experience of the sacred both feeds and is fed by that intersection.


Author and pleasure activist adrienne maree brown tells a moving story about her experience of developing a sacred sexual relationship with herself. brown, the author of Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, says that when she found herself spending months of the pandemic alone, she realized how much she needed sacred touch -- and embarked on a conscious process of becoming able to give it to herself.  


To make that possible, brown says, she had to deeply accept her body. At first, looking at her stretch marks and cellulite, she thought, "This is not what a body is supposed to look like." Then she caught herself and knew that this view of herself was distorted by capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism and fat phobia. Slowly, she became able to able to refute those distorting lenses and see herself in a radically different way. Now when she looks in the mirror, she speaks to herself with love, and reminds herself that the thighs she once judged hold power: "These are the sacred legs that hold me up."


Weber's and brown's words give glimpses of the vast terrain available to us when we explore Sacred Sexuality. Join us for this class, a rare opportunity to explore sacred sexual concepts and practices in a group exclusively for lesbians, queer women and non-binary folx. 


The class will be recorded, so if you can't be there live,

you can still take part in the experience!

You'll receive a replay link within 48 hours after class. 


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Lesbian/Queer Sacred Sexuality 

Sunday, October 31, 12:00-2:00 p.m. PST



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