Conscious Girlfriend Announces: Lesbian Bed Life!

 Intelligent, Compassionate Sex Education For Women Who Love Women


An important way in which the erotic connection functions is the open and fearless

underlining of my capacity for joy… Erotic knowledge empowers us. - Audre Lorde


Is the Lesbian Bed Life Fundamentals Course Right for You? 

(Can you relate to any of this?)

  • You have a hard time asking for what you want in bed -- or sometimes even knowing what that is. 

  • At times you wonder if you're really satisfying your partner. 

  • You're in a relationship that has lost its spark ("lesbian bed death") and you wonder if there's any way to get it back. 

  • Sometimes your sex life feels like just going through the motions, and you wonder, "Is this all there is?"

  • You’re single, and lack of libido or lack of sexual self-confidence holds you back from dating.

  • Aging, menopause, illness, medications or other physical changes have impacted your libido and pleasure, and you wonder whether you can still have satisfying sex.   ​

  • Consciously you know it's great to be lesbian or queer -- and to be sexual! -- but deep inside, some shame still holds you back. 

  • You feel stuck in a sexual role or habit, and you'd like to expand your horizons. 

  • You’re embarrassed about how long it takes you to come, or having to touch yourself or use a vibrator and/or fantasies to come. You wonder, Am I really okay the way I am?   

You are not alone! Many women share these concerns.

After all, we live in a homophobic, sex-shaming world.

And sex between women is amazing - and complicated!


The good news is: if you feel self-conscious or shut down

in bed with a woman, that can change.


If you want more passion, connection and ease, you can have it!


Life is different when you have Lesbian Bed Life:

intelligent, compassionate sex education 

created by and for lesbians and queer women.




Imagine being able to:

  • Overcome self-consciousness, shame, poor body image and other blocks to your full erotic aliveness -- and feel sexy, at ease and able to access pleasure in the body you have.   

  • Understand and embrace what really turns you on, and feel empowered and at home in your erotic self. 

  • Communicate your sexual needs, and learn about a partner's sexual needs, in ways that boost pleasure and connection for both of you.     

  • Get the sexual spark back in your relationship and in your solo sex life, too! Sexual pleasure makes life better :)    

  • Enjoy, claim and appreciate the uniqueness of your gender, and sexual orientation. 


  • Feel confident giving and receiving sexual pleasure.  


All of that is possible for you!


In Lesbian Bed Life, you’ll share a journey of sexual healing and expansion

with other lesbians and queer women 

uniting to reclaim and celebrate our sexuality.


Your Pleasure Matters.

Our Pleasure Matters. 

At the end of the day, this work is about creating true freedom for all of us

starting at our core, in our sexuality. You cannot be totally free if you disown,

disavow, ignore or exile your own sexuality. - Amy Jo Goddard



Lesbian Bed Life is part of Conscious Girlfriend, the #1 global platform

helping lesbians and queer women date wisely and love well. 

The Lesbian Bed Life Fundamentals Course

Five Pre-Recorded Video Classes (Over 8 Hours of Education!)

With Six Dynamic, Empowering LGBTQ Teachers

  • Releasing Blocks to Full Erotic Aliveness

    Learn how to overcome sexual stuckness from past trauma, body image, homophobia and sexual shame, so you can fully inhabit your sexual self. 

    With Dr. Ruth L. Schwartz and Megan Tennity

  • Female Sexual Anatomy of Pleasure – How to Make Love to a Woman

    What really matters about orgasm, orgasm vs. climax, and all the wonderful hot spots between a woman's legs, and beyond... 

    With Dr. Ruth L. Schwartz and Caity Reilly

  • Gender and Gender Complexity

    Are you butch or femme, top or bottom, cis or trans, genderqueer, or just yourself?

    With Dr. Ruth L. Schwartz and Max Pearl 

  • Conscious Queer Sexuality and Kink

    What kink is and what kinky sexual culture offers all of us, whether you're kinky or not.  

    With Dr. Ruth L. Schwartz and Caress Fitch 

  • Oral Sex and Energetic Sex: Increasing Pleasure and Connection

    A frank, explicit and empowering class and a powerful visualization!

    With Dr. Ruth L. Schwartz and Christina Sophie 

These classes were recorded live, so you’ll get to learn

alongside other conscious lesbians and queer women, and

hear their questions and experiences, too.


And yes, more live classes will be offered in the future! But for now, you can

purchase this pre-recorded series to watch at your own pace.

Lesbian Bed Life Participants Say:

I absolutely loved that zoom session! It was about vulnerability, respect, diversity in desire, while at the same time normalizing our dark side and shame… and honoring who we are. I love the way you reassure the audience and made it safe while acknowledging the pleasure of flirting! This session was exploring limitations in our pleasure just as much as all the possibilities in front of us. The visualization was awesome! Thank you for honoring every aspect of sex without excluding any one.


age 54


Age 62

I just want to express my gratitude for today's class.  In the past I have enjoyed intimacy but couldn’t really speak up for myself and my own needs. With permitting myself to say no, I can literally feel my chest/heart opening up and I feel what a difference this will make in my sex life! Such a relief

Your class was very freeing, yes edgy, but you have a way of breaking the ice, and giving permission that really resonates with me. I think that is what I’ve needed for so long so I can really be my queer self.


Age 23


Age 45

While I had a wonderful romance and the sex was great with my ex, these classes are teaching me that there is so much more! I am overcoming shame and fear and know that I am in the right place at the right time! 

Meet Your Lesbian Bed Life Faculty

Lead Instructor

Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Ruth is the Founding Director of Conscious Girlfriend, author of eight books including the Amazon bestseller Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love, and a certified Somatica Sex & Intimacy Method coach.


With Lesbian Bed Life Guest Faculty 

Christina Sophie

Certified Tantra Educator, Faculty at the Institute of Sexuality and Enlightenment, Erotic Evangelist and Somatica-Trained Coach.

Caity Reilly

Somatic Healer,  body worker, teacher and student of modern-day mysticism, Tantra and the path of the Feminine.

Maxwell Pearl

Former co-director of Conscious Girlfriend (as Michelle Murrain), Max is now a coach and teacher in the Trans community.

Megan Tennity

Certified Somatica Sex & Intimacy Method Coach and longtime Tantra practitioner and teacher.

Jenny Mohr

Certified Somatica Sex & Intimacy Coach and expert in Healing BDSM.

Caress Fitch

Proud Black queer disabled non-monogamous leathergirl who advocates for the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, poly, kink, and disabled communities in every aspect of her life and work.

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