CGA Policies on Intra-Community Romantic and Sexual Relationships and Interactions


As a community of consenting adults engaged in a shared context of learning and empowerment, CGA members make their own decisions about their personal relationships. CGA stands against sexual harassment or abuse of power, and in favor of romantic and sexual freedom between consenting adults. Given that CGA is a voluntary membership community of consenting adults, there are no rules against consensual romantic or sexual relationships between participants at any level of CGA, including faculty, staff, administration, volunteers and/or members of CGA. 


CGA explicitly supports members to reach out and share contact information, build friendships and share emotional support, and to develop romantic relationships where there is mutual consent. Members are also encouraged to consciously work with their triggers, set boundaries, and take responsibility for their choices and feelings.  


For instance, we ask that prior to engaging in a romantic relationship with someone in the CGA community, members consider whether and how they will feel able to participate in CGA if their relationship ends. We also recommend that you agree between yourselves whether and to what extent you will share relationship details with other members, and then either honor those agreements, or renegotiate them.

Member Input and Concerns


CGA cares about the feelings and needs of CGA members. For that reason, members are always welcome and encouraged to email CGA Director Ruth Schwartz ([email protected]) with comments, suggestions, ideas, proposals and feedback.


Policy on Self-Promotion through CGA Channels 


Many CGA members are talented coaches, therapists, healers, teachers, workshop leaders, community builders, and providers of other services. CGA supports members informing other members of the services they offer, while also requiring members to avoid any behavior that might feel like pitching, marketing, selling or advertising to other members. 


Therefore, active CGA members may post their non-CGA-related offerings in the chat during CG events, and/or on the CGA Facebook group, ONCE per offering (one time in the chat, one time on FB) as long as the parameters are clearly stated. For instance, please indicate 1) That this is a private, non-CGA offering, 2) Who else will be invited or in attendance, 3) The cost or requested donation, if applicable. Example: "I'm offering a coaching group through my own business, [insert business name]. This is not a CGA event, and X other people will also be present [e.g. people of all genders and orientations, women of all sexual orientations, LGBTQ women only, etc.]  The requested donation will be X. [Or, the event will be free but it is a promotion for a paid offering.] Please message me for more information."


If the event in question is free and standalone, rather than a promo event, and is primarily or exclusively open to CGA members, the above limits do not apply. 


Active CGA members may also email [email protected] to request inclusion for their offerings on the CGA website Community page . These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; posting is not guaranteed. Factors to be considered will include the length of time the member has been involved with CGA, how active the member has been, who the offering is for, and how relevant the offering is to CGA's overall mission. 


As CGA grows, these policies are subject to change. 

Refund Policy


CGA members are encouraged to pay CGA tuition on a monthly basis until they have determined that CGA is a good fit for them, at which time they can shift to the yearly pre-pay option as a way to save money, if they wish. There will be no refunds for yearly pre-paid membership or monthly memberships if a member does not attend, or chooses to stop attending groups and classes. In the event that CGA revokes someone's membership, she will receive a refund for the month in which the revocation occurs, and for any months she may have pre-paid.