The Conscious Girlfriend Academy

Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating

and Lasting Love

About the Roadmap to Conscious

Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love 


This 12-module class, offered since 2015, is the subject of the #1 bestselling lesbian relationship book on Amazon. But the course goes much deeper than the book in not just describing transformation, but actually helping you experience it.


The Roadmap has already changed the lives of women in 20 countries -- and it can change yours, too! And it's now bundled in to Conscious Girlfriend Academy membership, so you also get live classes and support.


Why a Roadmap? Because lesbian relationships can be the best relationships on the planet -- but they can also be the hardest, if you don't know how to find the right partner and be the right partner.


That's why this one-of-a-kind class walks you through all the key steps and skills involved in conscious lesbian dating and love.


We use science, psychology, evidence-based relationship research and transformational practices to prepare you for the relationship of your dreams. 


If you’re like most women, you’ve had little or no education about dating and relationships. You may even have been fed the myth that when you met the right person, love would be easy. Not true!


Even if you’ve learned a lot about healthy relationships and communication, this course is different, because it’s lesbian-specific.


Dating and relationships take skill, and lesbian relationships take even more skill – because two women can bond so deeply.

Although the Roadmap Course is especially designed for single women, many coupled women have found it deeply helpful, too.
You’ll get the course material over a 12-week period, but it’s yours forever and you can go through the lessons as quickly or slowly as you wish. Most women choose to remain in the Academy for a full year to really integrate these skills.

How the Roadmap (and the Conscious Girlfriend Academy) Work Their Magic


The 12 modules of the Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love will give you a comprehensive, lesbian-centric education through self-paced audios and written worksheets.


But to really up-level your skills and find the lasting love you want, you'll need live education, too -- so you can hear the information presented in different ways, meet other women who are similarly committed to Conscious Girlfriend-style relating, and actually practice new ways of being.


It's so much easier to change when you do it in community!  That's why Academy membership gives you access to the 12 modules of the Roadmap week by week and access to numerous live classes, connection groups and practice sessions each month. It's a comprehensive program that lets you learn at your own pace and also supports you in interacting and building skill along with likeminded women. >>Check out Academy membership plans here. 


Wondering what the 12 Roadmap modules cover? Here's an overview.

Part 1: Prepare Your Heart & Mind

for the Relationship You Want

    Module 1: Understand What a Healthy Relationship Is, And Open To It

    • Get clear on how a conscious, healthy relationship really works, so you know where you're headed, understand your growth edges, and become able to both find and be the right partner.


      "I’m in a new relationship, and my girlfriend and I have gone through all the Roadmap materials together! I feel conscious, and I’m in a relationship with someone conscious. We are meeting each other, body, mind and spirit. I truly didn’t know I would get to have this. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self about this!" - Emma, age 53


    Module 2: Build Self-Compassion

    • Transform your inner critic into an inner advocate and learn to treat yourself with conscious, compassionate, curious loving kindness, creating more ease and well-being in all of your relationships.


      "I’ve walked around in the past feeling like I was too much for people. Now I feel at home in myself, and at home with my new partner. I have the resources and skills to move forward with her, and to allow her to love me, all the parts of me. I want to tell other women: Don’t compromise! The love you want is possible! But you really do have to be the right partner before you can find her."– Sylvia, age 45 

    Module 3: Make Peace With The Past

    • Finally feel free once you see clearly what happened in past relationships, what part you played in co-creating it, and become able to forgive and trust yourself. 


      "I want to express my deep gratitude for your leadership. This course has enriched my life tremendously, and made me feel normal even though I’m single :) I’ve taken it twice now because I tended to give myself away. It has been important for me to get to know myself in this way." – Rhea, age 60

    Module 4: Know & Befriend Your Emotions

    • Develop the ability to know what you feel when you feel it, so you can remain connected to others and make healthy choices about your emotions, rather than being controlled by them.


      "Thank you for creating this holistic approach. It has really moved, supported and encouraged me. I don’t have words for how deeply grateful I am. There has been an incredible healing in my relationship with myself." - Dori, age 46

    Module 5: Intimacy-Building Communication

    • Develop clean communication skills that help your partner feel seen, heard, appreciated and respected - and allow you to feel seen, heard, appreciated and respected in return. (Even if only one person makes these shifts, a couple's communication will transform!)


      "I have turned a corner of such magnitude that I can almost not believe it. I’m more self-aware, able to step back and ask questions like Is it true? What would I feel if I didn’t have that thought? I’m able to be aware of getting stuck in the story, which I have found really sets me free, to let go of it. I’m so much happier as a result. It also, I have found, allows me to let others be themselves, without judgement of them or me. It just is. So that’s me at this point." – Kristine, age 48  

    Module 6: Learn to Heal Conflict at its Source 

    • Learn powerful conflict-busting practices based on neuroscience so you can stop blowing up or shutting down. No more going to bed mad, stuffing feelings, or endless hours of draining processing - learn to work through issues and stay connected instead. 


      "I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this course. The other day I used all the skills and had an incredibly healthy conversation with my ex! I’m still sad about what happened between us but am overjoyed to have new ways to talk with her now." - Anna, age 60

    Part 2: Successful Dating 

    (It's Time to Actually Find Her!)


    Module 7: Overcome Fear and Cultivate Resilence

    • Develop the ability to take smart-for-your-heart risks and gain powerful strategies for transforming your fear of rejection, fear of hurting someone or being hurt, fear of saying Yes when you mean No, and any other fears that might be holding you back. 


      "I loved the Conscious Girlfriend Roadmap program…I was one of those women over 40 that wondered if finding the right woman at this age was even possible. I can now happily report that using the tools and techniques in their workshop really helped me find the relationship of my dreams.  Every day I share my life with this amazing woman who feels like just the right match." – Lucy, age 47

    Module 8: The Truth About Attraction, Chemistry & Compatibility

    • Understand what kinds of chemistry, attraction and compatibility are truly necessary for you, and stop getting misled by the kinds that aren't healthy or sustainable. 


      "This course has been so valuable for me and has shifted so much for me! I’m amazed how far it has taken me. Now it makes sense to me why things didn’t work, how I was in my own way, and what I can do differently… That helps me finally shift my focus on getting back with my ex. I really believe now that I can have what I want. It’s very eye-opening and incredible to know I’m worthy of that." – Kathy, age 62​

    Module 9: Create Your Relationship Vision

    • Design your ideal relationship with crystal clarity about your deal-breakers and must-haves, along with the curiosity and flexibility love requires (it's a both/and!) 


      "It was quite a process for me to get to the point of believing I deserved healthy love. Now I’ve met a wonderful woman and there’s a lot of compatibility. And there’s a lot of scary stuff in a new relationship, so I’m glad to have the Roadmap to help me navigate it." – Joanne, age 59

    Module 10: Develop Your Dating Plan

    • Create a dating plan that fits you, based on all of the available online and offline options for meeting women.


      "Thank you again so much for the Roadmap course! As I told you, it has been truly life-changing, and you can quote me on that! Helping me move from such a stuck place into hope and optimism was a huge task! Now I feel ready for the women to start showing up, and I finally had the confidence to create an online dating profile, something I literally never thought I would do." – Kinna, age 64 

    Module 11: Outsmart Your Hardwired Brain Chemistry!

    • Stay clear and strong and avoid merging or the lesbian U-haul, even if limerence and "honeymoon feelings" take you over.


      "I feel such heartfelt gratitude! This course has been such a journey into my deep self. The techniques and methods are so helpful. I gained self-confidence and saw that I had stopped listening to my own instincts. Now I know better how to practice self-compassion but not self-efface or shut myself up. I can stay connected to myself while out on dates, and assess someone while dialoguing with her." – Nina, age 65

    Module 12: Date, Communicate & Assess

    • Gain confidence and even learn to have fun dating by building skill in asking women out, navigating early communication, and exploring the connection with clarity, curiosity and compassion. 


      "Just wanted to tell you that the Roadmap has helped me immensely!!  I feel freer and more alive!  I honestly wouldn't have believed I could enjoy dating. Thank you ever so much!!" – Tara, age 60

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